Polisi Preifatrwydd

Here, at Principality, we are committed to protecting your privacy and making sure that we keep any personal information you provide secure. This privacy notice sets out how we, Principality Building Society, will collect and use information about you. Please read it carefully. (By personal information, we mean information which relates to you and can be used, either alone or with other information we hold, to identify you.)

The terms of use of our website, our cookies policy and specific product terms and conditions contain further details of how we will use your information.

Click on the link below for a PDF of our privacy policy in full:

Privacy Policy - PDF The information we collect about you, how we use your information, who we share your information with, your rights and much more.

Additionally, you can watch a video we made about our privacy policy and you can see our infographic on our privacy policy. Take a look at our Useful Privacy Policy Related Links for other documents related to our privacy policy that may be of interest.

Our Questions & Comments section contains information on how to contact us about our privacy policy.

Privacy Policy - Video Summary

Privacy Policy - Graphic Summary

We’re here to help

If you’d like to talk more about what our Privacy Policy means to you, we’re here to help. Pop into your local branch or give us a call.

  • If you have any questions or comments, or want more information, you can call us. See our Contact Us page for more details. Or you can contact our Data Protection Officer as follows. Email: DPO@principality.co.uk or Post: Principality Data Protection Officer, Principality Building Society, Principality House, The Friary, Cardiff, CF10 3FA.

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