Corporate Governance

As a mutual society, owned by and run for the benefit of our 500,000 customers, we are proud and committed to maintaining the highest standards of honesty and openness in the way we do business. In this section, you will be able to find some of the ways that we continue to build pride in our organisation.

Board Members

Principality has built up a strong Board with a wide range of skills and expertise. More information about our Board of Directors can be found here.

Board Composition

The Board Composition Policy sets out the Society’s ambition for ensuring diversity on the Board.

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is your opportunity to meet Principality directors and colleagues, hear about our achievements and future plans, make your opinion count and voice your thoughts. Here are the results of our latest AGM.


Here you will find an overview of our Board’s five Committees.

Internal Audit Charter

The charter formally defines the purpose of the Internal Audit function and how it interacts with the business and the Board’s Audit Committee.

Financial Reports

Here you can locate our Annual Reports, Summary Financial Statement, Tax Strategy, Pillar III Disclosures.

Principality Building Society Rules

The Rules of the Society set out how the Principality operates.

Principality Building Society Memorandum

The Memorandum outlines the Society’s activities, purpose and extent of its powers.

Women in Finance

We promote a culture that supports Women in Finance. Please click here to find out more about our proud commitment to the Women in Finance Charter and our Gender Pay Gap Report.

Gender Pay Report

Here you can find out more about our Gender Pay Gap Report.

Principality Suppliers

Our third party suppliers and potential suppliers can access information regarding policies and procedures.

Annual Report on Slavery and Human Trafficking

At Principality Building Society, we have a zero tolerance to slavery, servitude, forced labour and human trafficking. Here you can find our annual statement.

Privacy and Security

We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that any personal information provided by you is secure. Here you can find out more about why we collect your information and how we use it.

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  • A mutual building society, owned by and run for the benefit of our 500,000 members
  • Over 160 years experience
  • Taking care of over £10 billion of our customers' assets
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