Financial Education

Learning how to manage money is a valuable life skill, and so far we've helped more than 21,000 young people with their financial education. Whether you're a parent, a teacher, a little learner, or an adult looking to upskill - there are lots of ways we can help.

For young learners

Dylan's savings squad

Dylan the dragon makes learning about money and saving fun for children aged 5-11. Dylan even has a Teacher's hub with a whole host of free resources and helpful teaching tools. Access free games and resources in Dylan’s Hub or download the Dylan’s Den app to spend even more time learning with Dylan on-the-go. 



Fiver Challenge

We’re proud to work with Young Enterprise on the Fiver Challenge – giving primary school children a fun opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Starting with just one £5 note, children aged 5 - 11 create, research and plan their very own business. For more information including a free activity book and top tips for pupils and parents visit the Fiver Challenge website.

Principality Savings School

Together with leading Science Discovery Centre Xplore!, we deliver financial education programs across North Wales, Chester and Shrewsbury sharing interactive and engaging money management lessons.

Cupcake day fun with Goose and Friends

Baking cupcakes for a worthy cause? Our free activity pack based on the ‘Goose’s Cake Bake’ not only teaches numeracy skills - it makes bajing fun with a cupcake recipe and design activity too. It's suitable for Key Stage 1 pupils aged between 5-7. Download the activity pack for your little baker.

Learning to Save >

Learning about saving can be fun. Download our free activity sheets or explore our children's savings accounts, designed to help little ones build a habit of saving.

For older learners


In 2022 we worked in partnership with the London Institute of Banking & Finance to provide a qualification fund of £100,000.

The fund helps schools and learning centres across Wales and the Borders, and through it over 3,000 students at more than 50 schools have sat recognised financial education qualifications. 

Find out more on the LIBF website


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