Customer Research

Customer Research on behalf of the Principality Building Society

As a mutual society, it is important to us that the views of our customers inform how the business is run. If you are invited to take part in a specific piece of market research, there is of course, no obligation to take part. If you do agree to participate, the responses that you give us in research will be used to improve our processes and to refine the products and services we offer, so that they reflect your needs and aspirations.

Full details of how Principality manages information we gather about and from you as part of our research activity can be found in our privacy policy.

Some of our research projects are conducted by independent market research agencies.

  • All the research agencies that work with Principality have gone through a rigorous procurement process and will operate to the highest industry standards.
  • They will all subscribe to the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.
  • The Code emphasises the importance of confidentiality and anonymity for research participants so that the views/opinions given during research are never reported in a way that allows individuals to be identified unless they have given us express permission.
  • The MRS Code of Conduct also imposes strict rules about the use of personal data that agencies may be given access to by their clients.

At Principality, we make every effort to ensure that we conduct research in a way that isn’t intrusive or worrying for our customers. Most people who take part in our research say that they enjoy the process and appreciate having an opportunity to give their opinions. However we do appreciate that some members may not wish to be contacted for this purpose. For these people, it is possible to ‘opt out’ and ensure that you are never approached for this purpose. This is done by mailing your details to You can also opt out through a local branch. We will aim to process your request within 10 working days to ensure that your details are removed from any future research samples.

If you have been contacted for research and you have specific questions or concerns, please contact one of our research managers at and they will be happy to respond. Alternatively, your local branch will be able to answer any queries.

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