The Board meets regularly and operates through its five committees:

  • Audit Committee
    The Audit Committee is a committee of the Society’s Board which assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities in respect of matters relating to financial reporting; systems of risk management and internal control; the prevention of fraud, tax evasion, bribery and corruption; internal audit and external audit.
  • Governance & Nominations Committee
    Lead the process for Board appointments and make recommendations to the Board. 
  • Board Risk Committee
    The role of the Board Risk Committee is to ensure on behalf of the Board that there is a co-ordinated approach towards the oversight and management of key strategic and corporate risks. It should oversee the risk management governance structure in order that the Society’s risk profile can be readily understood and risk management resources targeted appropriately. 
  • Remuneration Committee
    Responsible for oversight of the development and implementation of the Society’s remuneration policies and practices ensuring that Remuneration policies and practices are appropriate to enable the Society to attract, retain and reward individuals with the right skills, experience, knowledge and behaviours to support the achievement of the Society’s purpose.
  • Technology Committee
    The role of the Committee is to provide Board oversight of the Society’s Hybrid Transformation Programme and to make recommendations to the Board in relation to material changes to the Hybrid Transformation Programme.

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