Important changes to Savings Terms and Conditions

If you have an Instant Access, Children's or e-saver account, you will receive a letter or an email detailing some important changes to your Savings Terms and Conditions. Here you can see a summary of changes, along with the new Savings Terms and Conditions document and some answers to questions you may have.

Changes at a glance 

  • Your account is no longer a Payment Account.
  • We will give you 30 days' notice of any detrimental changes to your account.
  • We have reduced your liability for unauthorised payments to £35
  • You can now request for the relevant account payment information, if an incorrect payment has been made from your account.

View the new Savings Terms and Conditions

Your Questions Answered

Why have I received this email? 

We are making changes to our Savings Terms and Conditions, which will impact our Instant Access Account, Children’s Account and eSaver Account. As you save in one of these accounts, we need to tell you about these changes. No other savings accounts with us are impacted.

Why are the Savings Terms and Conditions dated 13 November, but the email states the changes are effective from 13 January?

As your account is currently categorised as a Payment Account, we need to provide you 60 days’ notice of any changes. As most of the changes detailed in the email are to your benefit they can take effect from 13 November. However, as the first one is not to your benefit, this can only take effect on 13 January.

Where can I find the interest rate of my savings account?

You can find out the details of all our interest rates here or popping along to your local branch.

If the Bank of England changes the Bank Rate, will the interest rate change on my savings account?

In the event of a Bank of England Bank Rate change, we will review the interest rates on all our variable rate savings accounts. If our variable savings interest rates rise, we will display the new rates in our branches, on our website and within certain newspapers.